Home Battery

Increase your grid independence

Protect your rising energy costs

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Home Battery

Protection from power cuts

Smart charging schedule

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Smart remote

Monitor from any device

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PureStorage II
DC Battery

Increase your grid independence

Protect from rising energy costs

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PureStorage I I

Home – AC Battery System

Protects against Power cuts

During black outs or power cuts, PureStorage will maintain your home’s critical circuits, including; lights, fridge, internet etc.

Take Control of your energy

Reduce your reliance on the grid. Significantly cut your energy bills, using the latest smart battery technology.

Available in 10kWh AC and 5kWh AC.

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    Reserve an option to have 100% green electrical energy supplied to your home and reduce your bill further.

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    Reserve an option to have 100% green electrical energy supplied to your home and reduce your bill further

    Home battery system

    PureStorage II AC Battery System

    PureStorage II AC battery system comes in two sizes including, 5kWh and 10kWh and are sized perfectly for homes in the UK. The PureStorage II AC system is an ‘all in one box’ solution, making it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. They can be installed indoors and outdoors and have a wide temperature operating range from -20 to 45C. The system stores excess PV energy during the day using its LiFePo4 solar battery.  This allows you to increase your utilisation of generated power from 30% to up to 85% powering your home from the battery during the evening and through the night until the sun rises.  Reducing the need to import energy from the grid.

    PureStorage II Battery System

    The PureStorage II battery connects to the leading, highest quality Hybrid inverters in the market, including Solis, Victron & Imeon inverters.

    Matched with the Purestorage II battery ensures the best performing Hybrid system, maximising PV Solar utilisation and saving energy costs.

    The batteries LiFePO4 chemistry provides the safest lithium chemistry, and longest life.

    Why choose us?

    British Company

    Puredrive Energy Ltd is a British Company that designs, develops, builds and distributes its own products to a broad spectrum of clients both in the UK and abroad.  With UK assembly its products are ideally placed to exploit its clearly established supply chain to maximum effect.  Making delivery and distribution, in volume, to its UK market place speedy and simple

    10+ years of battery development experience

    As part of the Puredrive family of companies, Puredrive Energy can call upon over ten years of experience in the development, deployment and placement of battery technologies.  With extensive experience in lead acid batteries through to the latest Lithium Ion batteries, Puredrive Energy is at the forefront of battery centric energy storage systems

    Future proof your energy requirements

    With predictions of energy costs rising by 37% in the next three years the Pure Storage System will allow you to keep the need to buy energy at a minimum

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