Puredrive Energy were pleased with the results of their Retrofit Pure Storage box installation, successfully reducing the electrical grid demand to an average of only 6%. This means that the PV in combination with the Pure Storage battery provides, on average, 94% of the energy demand. Stuart, MD and owner of Pure Drive Batteries, based in Gloucestershire was delighted with the performance far outreaching his expectations. Stuart is looking forward to reduced energy bills, protection against rising energy costs and some grid independence.

Additionally, the Pure Storage system also powers critical loads, in case of grid power failure or interruptions. This will enable the business to continue operating critical computers and lighting.

Electrical supply to Stuart’s offices and warehouse is 3 phase, demonstrating capability for both 3 phase and single phase systems.

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Solar Shed

Puredrive Energy in co-operation with the UK’s largest shed manufacturers, are piloting Pure Drive Energy’s Off-grid battery storage systems. Pure Drive Energy have three models, for differing load demands, and provide independence from the grid and zero electrical costs. The request for power in garden buildings has become more popular over the last few years, the Pure Drive Energy Off-grid solutions provide solutions where planning permissions may be an issue and avoid costly and disruptive building works to supply electrical cables remotely.

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